Non-Rightsholder Information - Invictus Games 2016 - Orlando - May 8 - 12 - ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Non-Rightsholder Information

Non-Rightsholder Information

ESPN is the host broadcaster for the Invictus Games and has the exclusive rights to broadcast the Games in the United States.  The BBC is the rightsholder for the United Kingdom.

All non-rightsholding broadcast organizations and video crews from the participating nations must abide by the Non-Righsholder Undertaking that will be in place for the Invictus Games 

To download the Non-Rightsholder Information in pdf format, click on the following link:   Non-rightsholder Guidelines.

Non-Rights Broadcast Bib

Every organization that is accredited as a Non-Rights Broadcaster and that wants to film during the Games must sign an undertaking that outlines what non-rightsholders will be able to do during the Games.

After signing the undertaking, their camera operator will receive a Non-Rights Broadcast bib which grants them access to designated filming areas in the venues.

Non-rights broadcasters can sign the undertaking and collect their bibs at Media Central. 

Filming in I-Zones

All non-rightsholders will be able to film competitor interviews in the I-Zones, or interview zones.  Every competition venue will have an I-Zone where media can interview competitors post-competition.

Footage filmed in I-Zones can be used after a 30-minute delay.

Live coverage from the I-Zone is not permitted.

Filming Sports Competition

Filming the fields of play in the competition venues is strictly limited.  Non-rightsholders will be allowed to film in designated areas, space permitting, which will managed by Press Operations.

Live coverage from Non-Rights Broadcast Areas is not permitted.

Filming in the Common Domain

Accredited non-rightsholders are allowed to film in the common areas outside of the competition venues but inside the ESPN Complex.

While there are no specific restrictions, you may be asked to move if you are blocking the flow of spectators.

The Communications Team has designated an area near the Jostens Center that will be reserved for non-rightsholders.  To reserve this spot, please contact the Communications Team at

Satellite Trucks

Non-rightsholders are allowed to bring satellite trucks to the complex and will be able to park them in a designated area.  Please contact the Communications Team at for more information.

Filming the Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Non-rightsholders will not be allowed to film either ceremony, and recording equipment will not be allowed in the venue for the ceremonies.

Highlights of the ceremonies will be provided (see below).

Highlights Package

ESPN will provide the following free highlights packages:

1. 10-minute package of the Opening Ceremony (available about 22:00)

2.  10-minute package of the Closing Ceremony (available about 23:00)

3.  5-minute daily package — 9 May, 10 May, 11 May (available about 20:30)

The highlights can be used uncredited for 48 hours.

All of the highlights will be available on Google Drive for download.  Further details will be available in the Media Guide.

Non-Rights Broadcast Briefing

All non-rightsholders are requested to attend a Non-Rightsholder Briefing on 6 May at 15:30 in Media Central to review the rules regarding filming during the Games.

Media liaison officers for the participating nations are encouraged to attend this session as well.

RF Equipment

Any non-rightsholders who intend on using wireless equipment must register onsite and obtain a tag for their equipment.  Please contact for further information.


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