France Team at Invictus Games 2016France

France Flag

France and Great Britain have a long history of military cooperation on matters of international security. In 2010 they signed two defense co-operation treaties that include joint training and the sharing of aircraft carriers. The French Armed Forces number more than 220,000. French troops were deployed to Afghanistan in 2001.

“Please, no pity. We are strong, alive and determined. Many of our friends are no longer with us – they departed too early. We will continue on for them. We are probably a little different now, but what is normality? We are still soldiers. We give everything for our country, for freedom, but we don’t claim your thanks. We just expect you to consider us as you would everyone else – it is the nicest present you can give us!”  – David Travadon, Sergeant Major Explosive Ordinance Disposal

To reach the France POC (point-of-contact) via email, click on the following link, France, or email


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