Denmark Team at Invictus Games 2016Denmark

denmark_mDanish soldiers have participated in UN missions since 1948, the year before Denmark became a NATO member. Danish forces have been engaged in UN and NATO missions; Denmark sent troops to Afghanistan in 2001 and has been part of the International Security Assistance Force since, working closely with the UK. Denmark employs approximately 20,000 service personnel.

“Never give up! Even in your darkest hour, someone is out there having a worse time and that someone is fighting. So can you.”  – Yakov Munkebo, Sergeant 1st Class (Ret.), Army

To reach the Denmark POC (point-of-contact) via email, click on the following link, Denmark, or email

Veteran bueskydning i grøndalscentret 27/2 2016

Fleming Nielsen from Invictus Games: Team Denmark prepares for the Archery event on Monday May 9th. Please join us in saying ‪#‎MoreThanThankYou‬ to ‪#‎FlemingNielsen‬and the Denmark team for all that you have done for so many. We look forward to watching you compete Invictus Games 2016!



Denmark Team at Invictus Games 2016 - Captain Michael T. SoerensenSports is a major part of my recovery! Being a professionel soldier is similar to being a professionel athlete, and going from being on top of the world in Afghanistan, to learn how to walk properly again and needing help with every day things has not been easy. Using sports to achieve new goals, is natural for me, and makes it easier and more fun. Using sports with other wounded veterans, gives the unity and strength we used to have as active duty members.”- Invictus Games: Team Denmark Team Captain Michael T. Soerensen

‪#‎MoreThanThankYou‬ Captain #‎MichaelSoerensen!







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