I AM Spotlight: Sarah Rudder, USA, A Real Life Superwoman - Invictus Games 2016 - Orlando - May 8 - 12 - ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

I AM Spotlight: Sarah Rudder, USA, A Real Life Superwoman

Invictus Games 2016 and Sarah RudderI AM Spotlight:  Sarah Rudder, USA, A Real Life Superwoman  

Sport Saved my life after 9/11 injury, says U.S. Invictus Competitor Sarah Rudder

Lance Cpl., USMC (Ret.) Sara Rudder is on fire she proved that she can’t be stopped! After being named the first of all Invictus competitors to receive a gold medal during the Games, she’s inspired hundreds, including Prince Harry, sparking their Invictus spirit and proving to the world that we all have a little fight in us.

After winning gold at the women’s lightweight on May 9, in what she described as one of the proudest and happiest moments of her life, she’s gone on to win six more, medaling in all sporting events she’s participated.

Rudder lost her leg following an injury sustained while helping to recover non-survivors from the debris of the Pentagon attack on September 11, 2001. While she may have lost her leg, she did not lose her fighting spirit and Rudder is incredibly proud to represent her country at the Invictus Games.

Where does she find her inspiration? Superwoman!  With an inspirational icon of superwoman on her leg prosthesis, many spectators and fans are calling her the superwoman of the Invictus Games Orlando 2016 – and we couldn’t agree more.


The Games are shining a spotlight on Sarah’s ‘unconquerable’ superwoman character and how sport can inspire recovery. Her heroism on and off of the field has already shined through on just day 2. After taking a tumble in the 200 meter today on May 10, just steps away from crossing the finish line, she returned immediately to her feet and won the silver. Receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, gold medal winner Marion Blot from France, embraced her on the track.
“It’s amazing. For me, it’s the culmination of all the training and hard work and effort to get here.  [That is what helped me] conquer and overcome my fears and weaknesses, and show I can do this,” said Rudder.

Rudder said sport has been central to her recovery and training for the Invictus Games has given purpose and meaning to her life.

“Sport saved my life,” she said.  “It showed me that I can do and be something, and that I can be part of a community again.”

Lance Cpl. Rudder has competed in several adaptive sporting events including the Marine Corps Trials and Warrior Games, where she participated in sitting volleyball, track and field and swimming events. At the Invictus Games Orlando 2016 she’s competing in swimming, track and field, rowing and powerlifting.  During the Games, she took the gold in powerlifting, rowing and track and field and also received silver medals during rowing and track and field events as well.

So what does Invictus Games mean to her … Invictus means the power within!


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